Professional TV Mounting Service

TV Mounting Service in Charlotte can be hard to find. We hope we can really help you more understand the tv installation process of mounting a television on a wall correctly, including other type home improvement projects. We have been providing a professional Charlotte television mounting and professional rental property maintenance service in the Charlotte area since 2007. Give us a call at 704-442-7019.

Reasons To Mount Your TV


Child Safety

Although Child Safety should be the most genuine reasons to mount your TV, it is also much safer than having it on a furniture stand. Ask anyone who has ever brushed against a TV that’s on a stand knows how unsettling it can be. In addition, if you have children or a unruly dog in the household, the likelihood of that TV falling over rises dramatically. TV’s kill or injure a child every 2 weeks. One last point, if you are ill-fated enough to have a break-in, burglars are more likely to snatch up a stand alone TV, rather than bother taking one down that has been bolt mounted to the wall.

Space Conservation:

For the majority of people, unless you’re residing in the large estate, space conservation is usually always at a premium. When you mount your TV on the wall, you immediately free up a remarkable amount of space. This immediately allures to the interior designer lurking within almost all of us, and you’ll rapidly discover that the space that you’ve now freed up can be utilized in new and exciting ways.
Increased Space and Style:

Increased View-ability and Performance

The third most significant reason to mount your tv is view-ability and performance. You can now say farewell to the days when you had to sit in a certain location at a certain angle at a certain period of day to get a lucid view of whatever was on the TV. One of the best reasons to mount your TV is you get to choose from many different types of mounts available now. Most articulated mounts allow you to watch your TV from almost any area of a room at any time of the day.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

For commercial and residential tv installation South Charlotte Services has you taken care of. On our website we focus on home theater design and TV mounting cost . We of course offer some of our DIY tips and videos in all facets of home improvement. We also will be exploring the latest local Charlotte trends in home tv mounting and home restoration ranging from DIY television mounting videos to inspirational photo galleries.

Finding Professional TV Mounting Service

If you need a tv mounted in Charlotte then choosing a professional television mounting service is no simple task. There are way too many so called handymen who think they can properly install a TV. Believe me there is much more in mounting your expensive flat-screen than just slamming it up on the wall with a cheap mount and hardware.

There’re a lot of television mounting services offer so-called free tv mounts. Believe me there are no free tv mounts just cheap ones. You can easily locate them online from Korea for around $5 to $10 each. We just wouldn’t trust them. Why use a free or $5 mount to safeguard your $1000 tv to the wall. Our full tilt wall mounts start around $40 or you can order them online.

need a tv mounted in charlotte

What’s The  Google+ Reviews

Anytime you are you are looking for a competent reliable tv installer you should always scrutinize references and testimonials. While ours even isn’t perfect we appreciate the input. A good place to start is Google. Google does a wonderful job of cross referencing businesses, names and addresses so they are an effective resource. If possible check public records of TV mounting services you are considering. Some Charlotte TV mounting services are shady to say the least.

Google+ is very well worth signing up to and it’s also free. If a company has a Google business account, then at the very least you know they are legitimate and that they pay attention to what people write about them. If they know you can’t with a couple of keystrokes then what’s there to prevent them from not following through or even coming back to finish your job.

You should only hire companies with a Google+ business page with good reviews from various sources but especially Google. It’s not the number but authenticity of those they have. Check reviews numbers and dates. Reviews should be spread out over time. There are some ways to game it but you can tell. Companies that are part of Google plus media network know how important customer service can be.

Professional Television Mounting Service for Charlotte Homeowners

  • Affordable Flatscreen TV Mounting Service
  • Professional TV Wire Concealment – Hiding Television Cables
  • Wireless Door Lock Entry Service – Never Worry About Keys
  • Wireless Security Camera Installation – Interior & Exterior Surveillance Cameras
  • Move-out|Move-in TV Wall Mount Removal and Reinstallation
  • Affordable TV Wall Mount Installation Audio/Video Sound System Installation – Soundbar Installation

South Charlotte TV Mounting Service takes pride in providing Charlotte area homeowners and businesses with a qualified professional tv mounting service at an affordable price without ever compromising quality or workmanship. You have our word that we will always take our customer’s suggestion and feedback during all phases of every television mount installation or home theater design project that we undertake. Most important we always do our very best to work within our customer’s planned disbursement and time frame to ensure an enjoyable experience.

At South Charlotte TV Mounting Service we know every project is a reflection of both our personal and professional reputation thus we are active members of the verified Google business network. When you call us you will be greeted by a professional willing to help you with your home audio/video or home improvement needs.

So what are you waiting on. Give us a call at 704|442|7019. We offer TV wall mount installation from basic to complete Home Theater Systems. If you are in the need of an affordable Charlotte TV wall mounting professional then call us or text us for a free no obligation estimate.

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