Need Affordable Window Replacement In Charlotte Area

Need Affordable Window Replacement In Charlotte Area

If you are in need of affordable window replacement in the Charlotte area then look no further. South Charlotte Services provides affordable energy efficient window replacement options for homeowners throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  New energy efficient windows lower your energy bills immediately and save most homeowners 15% or more on average each month. If your average utility bill is $200 a month, thats over $360 a year in tax free money. They literally pay themselves off in under 10 years. South Charlotte Services offers double hung/ double pane sliding windows, bay windows, encasement windows, awning windows and beautiful picture windows. We also provide replacement energy efficient sliding glass doors and regular doors. As a family trade, we put love and care into each project as if we were working on our own home. You can trust us to provide consistent, high-quality service. Nothing makes us more satisfied than seeing your satisfied smile.affordable window replacement in Charlotte nc

We Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Our business delivers the personal, friendly touch big corporations can not duplicate, yet we also offer extremely competitive prices. With us, you do not have to choose between excellent customer service and affordability.

Our individual installers bring years of experience to the table, and we only use what we feel are the most reputable products available. The replacement window products we offer are proven as the top vinyl windows in the industry that we have manufactured right here in the Queen City. We trust the replacement windows and doors we sell and install and we offer a lifetime warranty of the products we sell without hesitation.

Why Our Difference Allows us to Excel In Charlotte NC

Many replacement window companies want to give you a three-hour window presentation. They will tell you they need the time for the amount of information they have. We all know and have heard of the high pressure tactics to do a contract now and will use gimmicks like: playing the price haggle game for an hour, “If you sign today, I can take $ off”, or the “buy 2 windows get 1 free”, cmon do we really believe we get something free or is the price of the 2 windows just inflated enough to pay for the “free window”.

We’re distinct. We strongly believe in just offering straightforward no haggle pricing. Giving you our one best price the first time. We feel most of our customers today have already done their due diligence regarding brand, type of windows and don’t need to spend several hours listing to a desperate sales rep. Of course we’re more than happy to spend as much time as you require, but we don’t want to waste your time repeating information you already know. We make sure you understand the product. We are a straight forward pricing company; everyone gets the same price. No games. No gimmicks. If you need to sleep on it, we understand. The price won’t change overnight.

Why Choose Us For Your Affordable Window Replacement In Charlotte

We’ve also been told that our competitors try to get you to believe that their price is justified by stating their product is far superior to others. What they won’t tell you is we all buy from the same distributors. If our trucks are parked at the docks next to each other, why are they selling theirs at a higher price point? Sometimes double! We offer the same product at a fair price. We never cut corners to save a buck. Our window installers are all trained on the proper methods of installation. We don’t give our installers a quota of jobs that must be done to hit a weekly bonus. We understand that every job is different and we want our teams to take the time needed to do the job right, the first time.

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MAINTENANCE FREE means no more scraping or painting. Our virgin vinyl frames and sashes never peel, warp, chip or crack. Stepladders and outdoor cleaning are eliminated with our windows. To clean, simply tilt the windows inside and snap back into place.

LOWER ENERGY BILLS can be reality without energy-efficient windows. Our advanced multi-chambered design when combined without high performance insulted glass helps enhance the effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems which should reduce your energy costs.

BEAUTY AND ADDED VALUE are built into every Duke Vinyl Products window. One of the single most striking changes you can make to your home, our windows add to the pleasure of day-to-day living and can help to increase the value of your home.

A PRE-MEASURED, CUSTOM-FIT eliminates the need for costly wall renovations. Be utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and materials, we can customize our windows to fit your existing window openings. With our custom-fit and expert installation procedures, we can tell how beautiful your home will look before your windows are installed.

A LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY is designed to allow you to focus on enjoying the beautiful new investment you’ve made in your home. An investment that can help pay for itself through decreased maintenance, increased energy efficiency and enhanced resale value.



Heavy duty, miter cut fusion-welded virgin construction is strong and durable. It will not rot, peel, flake, or corrode and never needs painting.

Exterior contour design is aesthetically pleasing and creates a curbside appeal.

Fusion welded miter cut corners for a strong weathertight seal at all corners and joints.

Top and bottom sashes tilt in for easy cleaning from inside the home.

Integral lift rail for finger tip operation.

Unique dual vent locks limit the movement of the sashes from the interior and exterior while allowing for ventilation and increased security.

Superior internal structural support system.

Integral fully welded sill channels water away from the window.


Interlock mates operating sashes together when window is closed reducing air and water infiltration while providing increased security.

Weather sealed interlock for improved performance.

Dual weatherstripping provides an energy efficient, virtually weathertight seal.

Compression weatherstripping at the sill creates a superior seal for enhanced resistance to water leakage.

Cam action lock(s) and keeper(s) draw meeting rails together for a tighter weather seal.

Constant force stainless steel coil balance system for smoother, easier operation. Never needs adjusting.

7/8″ dual pane Low-E filled with Argon gas between the panes for superior comfort, energy savings and protection of your home from harmful UV rays.

Warm edge spacer reduces condensation, stress, cracks and seal failure.

Aluminum screen frame with fiberglass “memory” mesh held firmly in place by integral screen track.

Obscure and tempered glass available.

Contour grids.

Sliding windows are available in two or three panel styles.

Bay windows, bow windows, garden windows and casement windows are also available.

Heavy duty, miter cut fusion-welded virgin construction is strong and durable. It will not rot, peel, flake, or corrode and never needs painting.

Exterior contour design is aesthetically pleasing and creates a curbside appeal.

Available in 2 choice of colors.

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We are just one phone call away. If you need to install or replace your windows in the Charlotte, Matthews, Mint Hill and Fort Mill area, contact South Charlotte Services at 704-442-7019 to set up a consultation for your next project. South Charlotte Services are excited to put our extensive knowledge to use and assist you in any way we can.