What You Need To Know Before You Buy Your Next TV

Well, we gave you the best TVs in 2021-2022, so what are the best televisions coming out 2023? We’re here to tell you what to look for when purchasing that new TV.

What is a OLED TV

OLED TVs were the latest innovation in television technology, offering improved picture quality, higher contrast ratios and wider viewing angles compared to traditional LED TVs. The latest OLED TVs come with 4K resolution and HDR capabilities, allowing for more vivid visuals and deeper black levels. Additionally, OLED TVs are thinner and more efficient than LED models, offering an overall sleek, modern look that is perfect for any home or office. With the combination of improved picture quality and a slim design, OLED TVs are becoming some of the most popular television models on the market.

What is a QLED

QLED TVs are a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized the home entertainment industry. They offer remarkable picture quality with lifelike colors, improved contrast, and virtually no glare. The technology behind QLED TVs is a quantum dot LED backlight layer, which allows the TV to produce an exceptionally wide range of colors. This backlighting layer also reduces power consumption and extends the life of the device, making it an incredibly efficient piece of technology.

What is Micro LED?

When it comes to television viewing, nothing beats the incredible contrast ratio and lack of light bleed provided by OLED TVs. These top-of-the-line devices offer the best viewing experience currently available and make viewing movies and television shows a truly immersive experience. With OLED TVs, you get an incredibly sharp picture and vibrant colors that give content an almost three-dimensional feel. It’s no wonder that some of the most sought after televisions on the market today are based on OLED technology.

What Is Light Bleed On A TV And Why Should You Be Concerned

Light bleed is a phenomenon that occurs when the backlight of a TV does not stay in the designated formed. This can cause parts of the screen to glow brighter than other parts. It is an issue that affects all types of TVs, but OLED TVs are particularly resistant to light bleed. The reason for this is that OLED TVs don’t use a backlight, which eliminates the possibility of light bleed entirely.

Micro LED technology is a relatively new development in television technology. It is a kind of self-emitting display technology which is similar to OLED but uses tiny LEDs instead of a single backlight. This allows for better energy efficiency and an even better picture quality than OLED. The main difference between Micro LED and OLED is that Micro LED does not have the issue of light bleed, making it the perfect choice for viewers looking for the best quality picture.

Micro LED is the latest technology in TV displays. Unlike OLED TVs, which use organic material to emit light, Micro LED TVs don’t require a backlight, because they use millions of tiny LEDs to create their own light source. This makes Micro LED TVs much brighter and more energy efficient than OLED TVs. However, they’re also more expensive and old first generations had a shorter lifespan.

What are Zones on Micro LED

Micro LED technology is based on individual LED lights arranged in zones and is one of its main advantages especially with larger TVs. This is especially useful in applications where the brightness of one area needs to be adjusted differently than the rest of the display. These zones are smaller than those used in OLED technology, and that’s why with Micro LED TVs technology, viewers can enjoy an even brighter picture with superior contrast and color accuracy. Additionally, Micro LED TVs can be configured to create a smoother transition of brightness between darker and brighter areas of the image, resulting in an even more realistic viewing experience. This also allows for finer control over the picture quality, as each zone can be adjusted independently to create a unique viewing experience. Additionally, newer versions of Micro LED TVs have a longer lifespan than OLED TVs, making them a viable choice for those that want the best picture quality without worrying about maintenance.

Which TV Technology is Best For Me

Realistically when deciding between OLED and Micro LED technology, it depends on the viewer’s priorities. If the viewer is looking for the highest quality picture, Micro LED is the better choice. However, if the viewer is looking for a cheaper option that is easier to maintain and has a longer lifespan, then OLED is the way to go. No matter which technology is chosen, both are excellent choices that produce amazing picture quality and are sure to enhance any viewing experience.

There are a few things to consider when buying OLED and Micro LED TVs. Micro LED TVs are brighter and more energy efficient, but also more expensive and have a shorter lifespan. OLED TVs, on the other hand, are more affordable and have a longer lifespan, but may suffer from light bleed.

When deciding between OLED and Micro LED TVs, it really comes down to personal preference and budget. Ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to decide which type of TV is right for them. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be getting a great picture that will look amazing in your home.

This is an exciting time to be a consumer, especially if you’re into quality TV. OLEDs, QLEDs, Quantum dot, LCDs, Rec. 2020 4K HDR, WCG, and Dolby Vision—just some of the features we’ve had the chance to try out in this segment. All of them offer something different, so there’s a lot for consumers to consider. We’ve given you all the info you need to make this decision. Hopefully this helps you narrow down your choices. Until next time!

Correct TV Wall Mount Selection

professional tv wall mounting service in charlotte nc

Correct Charlotte TV Wall Mount Selection | Charlotte NC

Choosing The Correct TV Wall Mount Bracket

So now you have bought your brand new LCD or OLED TV and have decided it would look great on the wall – so how do you go about choosing the correct Charlotte TV wall mounting bracket?

tv wall mount charlotte nc

Once you have purchased your new LCD or OLED TV then next step is choosing the correct tv wall mount bracket and this is not as simple as it sometime sounds!

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Factors To Consider For Buying The Correct TV Wall Mount Bracket In Charlotte NC

There are several different types of TV wall mount brackets on the market; you have the manufacturer’s own mounting bracket that is generally mail order only and well overpriced. Alternatively, there are dozens of TV wall mount brackets to choose from that will fit almost any make or model flat screen.

Factors To Consider For Buying The Correct TV Wall Mount Bracket In Charlotte NC:

• What is the maximum weight the tv wall mount bracket will hold?
• What do you want the bracket to do? Low profile, Tilt or Articulated etc.
• What are the distances between the mounting holes on the back of your screen (VESA bolts) and will the tv wall mount bracket fit?
• What colour would you like the tv wall mount bracket (usually silver or black)?
• Does the tv wall mount bracket come with a warranty?
• How much does the bracket weigh itself? – Some are extremely heavy and may not be suitable for your wall type.
• Are you able to return the bracket if it does not fit?
• Is the tv wall mount bracket suitable to go onto the surface you intend to mount it on? Stone, Brick, Concrete, Plasterboard or Wood etc.

Types Of TV Wall Mounts

Low Profile or Fixed Mount

This will always be the least expensive option and will put your TV nice as close to the wall as possible to give it the picture effect. The bracket should really be no more than around 2 inches in depth. Will not work on stone due to unevenness.

Tilt Mount

The tilting mount is ideal for use where the TV wall mount may be mounted slightly higher than eye level, perhaps above a fireplace. Most tilting mounts allow a maximum of around a 15° tilt which should be enough to angle the TV down towards the sofa for better viewing. Tilt mounts are well suited for all tv wall mount projects.

Articulated Wall Mount | Tilt & Rotate Wall Bracket

Without doubt the most versatile of the TV wall mount brackets, the articulated or full motion wall mount allows you to bring the TV away from the wall on an extendable arm and angle it up, down left or right.
This bracket is ideal when the TV needs to be wall mounted over a fireplace, in a corner or may need to be angled in a different direction.
When the bracket is folded flat back to the wall there will be a larger gap behind the TV than you would get with a flat or tilting bracket however so make sure that this is ok. In some cases it may a gap of 3 or 5 inches depending on back of TV.

Ceiling Mount

This is the preferred TV wall mount to use when there is no wall available to mount your TV on and is often used in commercial applications such as bars and restaurants. You will need a solid steel joist or girder to mount the TV when using this bracket.

Drop Down Mounting Bracket | Mantle Mount Mounting Your TV

A fairly new type of TV wall mount is the Drop down mount or Mantle Mount. These TV mounts offer a great alternative for mount your TV over a gas fireplace. These TV wall mounts drop the the TV from over the fireplace down to eye level. While very functional they are heavy and may require stud attachment which might not be centered on fireplace. There are some available now that do span studs. Expect to pay at least double the average tv wall mount cost due to difficulty.

tv wall mount installation service charlotte nc

How To Wall Mount TV|South Charlotte TV Mounting Service

Once you have bought your tv wall mount and are sure that it fits you need to decide whether you are able to mount the tv yourself or if you will need the help of a professional.

If you live in the Charlotte area, South Charlotte TV Mounting Service a Google 5-Star tv wall mount service offers free digital tv mounting estimates via email. You can also call or text us at 704-442-7019.

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Mounting TV Over A Gas Fireplace

Mounting TV over a gas fireplace in the Charlotte NC area

Myth Busted: Mounting TV Over Gas Fireplace Damages TV | Debunked

Mounting a TV over gas fireplace is safe

You might have heard that mounting a tv over a gas fireplace can damage the TV or cause neck strain. Neither is true. If by chance you’re thinking about mounting a tv above your gas fireplace, Samsung says, have no worries: In the hands of a custom tv mounting specialist, these false myths hold no merit.

Mounting a TV Over A Gas Fireplace Reasons

To liberate your cluttered Living Room, mounting a TV over a gas fireplace might be what the doctor ordered. Fireplaces are the most aesthetically pleasing, attractive, and outright gorgeous focal point of the house. For mounting TVs, they are some of the most structurally sound places to mount. Often the theme of a home will feature the fireplace as the focal point in a living room or great room– mounting your TV to the fireplace can free up much need space for other pieces create a wow factor to the room while also alleviating a TV tip-over tragedy.

mounting a tv over a gas fireplace in Matthews nc

The Three Most Common Fallacies About Mounting A TV Over A Gas Fireplace

There’s no way to run power to the TV at all, or at least not without visible wires.

The angle of an LCD TV against the fireplace will strain your neck.

The heat or soot from the fireplace combustion will detrimentally affect the bottom edge or insides of the TV mounted above the mantel on a stone or brick fireplace.

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No Truth in Myths: Mounting A TV Over A Gas Fireplace Is Safe

Fireplace TV Wire Concealment

Prewiring or outlet relocation is a straightforward process in many cases. In other cases behind wall wire, concealment, while possible, may not be economically feasible. If you have a more recent home, your fireplace is probably already prewired for electrical, HDMI, and coax. Even if you do not have a prewired fireplace, the ability to become properly wired is possible, be it at a higher cost than you might be willing to pay. There is also the option of wire tracking to conceal wiring. While not invisible, it offers an attractive alternative to the more expensive option of hiring an electrician, drywall, and painting crew. Then you still have to mount the tv afterward. While many fireplaces can be post-wired, due to housing code and fire-blocking, many can’t be done without extensive work. As I mentioned earlier, anything is possible but are you willing to pay for it?

mounting tv over gas fireplace in charlotte nc

TV Mounting Over Gas Fireplace Causes Neck Strain

When mounting a TV above a fireplace, we recommend either a tilt mount or an articulated mount. Articulated mounts tilt both on a Y and X-axis– which means no glare or sore neck. While the use of tilt mounts is acceptable, using a reasonably priced, commercial grade full motion arm or “swivel” bracket to hold the flat screen will allow you to alter the angle and the axis of the flat screen for superior viewing.

Mounting  A TV Over A Gas Fireplace Damages TV

First off, the heat and soot are minimal in wood-burning and non-existent in gas fireplaces 24 inches over a firebox. Have you ever touched the top of your fireplace? Was it warm? Like a laptop or most electronics, a flat panel or LCD TV will give off a certain amount of heat during normal working conditions. Still, a TV properly mounted over your gas fireplace, even wide-open, will not trigger the TV to become any hotter than normal. Gas fireplaces are always safe. Would burning fireplaces be a little different and must be treated that way. Most wood-burning fireplaces must meet the basic residential building code is constructed to trap all the heat and smoke of flames inside the flue– and are so well-insulated that no smoke or heat should ever ruin your TV. If your friends go crazy stoking the fire and a flame is leaping out your firebox, nothing’s safe.

tv mounting above gas fireplace in charlotte nc

Honestly, the fireplace TV mounting experts at South Charlotte Services have done hundreds of brick, sheetrock, and stone fireplace TV installations in the Charlotte area. Our specially-trained techs have the practical know-how and experience that comes with daily exposure to these and other types of specialty installations. No two fireplaces are precisely the same, but our experts have never come upon one which was impossible to mount. We know what we’re doing, period. This means your installation, whether above a fireplace or on a ceiling, will be of the highest possible quality and will always meet or go beyond your exact expectations.

Below is a video that shows the proper method of mounting a tv over a gas fireplace. In this case, it was a stacked stone fireplace, which required commercial still toggles. We never compromise the stacked stone by drilling directly into it. Hammer drills can break the stone’s cleats, causing displacement. Using 4-inch commercial toggles, we can go through the mortar joints and backer board, ensuring a sturdy tv wall mount without damaging the expensive stonework.

If you would like a free online quote or would like to learn more about fireplace TV installs, contact the audio/video tv installers at South Charlotte Services at 704-442-7019 or visit southcharlotteservices.org for more information.

South Charlotte Services mounting tv over fireplace is safe

TV Mounting Height

tv mounting heigth

TV Mounting Height | How High Should You Mount A Flatscreen TV

TV mounting height | How high should you mount a flatscreen TV. That will always fluctuate depending on the distance you will be viewing the TV from, the room layout, and whether you’ll be sitting, upright standing or a relaxed lying down position while watching TV. But due to the simple fact that no tv viewing perspective is alike, THX encourages you to  either sit or stand where you anticipate you will be watching the tv then your eyes should be looking at the bottom third of the TV. Once you’ve identified a position that is comfortable for your neck, you’ve found the ideal height for your situation. Note that most people mount their TV too high, such that their neck is arched too far backward which after prolonged periods of time can produce neck strain. 

Suggestions for Flat Screen TV Mounting Height

For the majority of living room installations where you will be sitting while watching, the focal point of the TV will generally be 3-4 feet from the floor. Low Profile tv mounts will operate well in this environment, as you will be looking at the TV precisely at eye level. However, if you prefer the appeal of a higher installation or if you’re mounting over a fireplace, you will certainly need a Tilting TV mount. Tilting mounts will permit you to point the TV downward so you can still view the TV easily. The average height for most tilting mount scenarios is four to five feet off the floor.

TV Mounting Height

Articulated Mounts For Enhanced Viewing

If you think you’ll be watching TV from various angles (in many cases lying down in bed or standing up from various points a room), you should consider a Articulated TV Mount, as these mounts not only tilt downward but swivel left and right as well. Swivel mounts are also most ideal for company or business office environments where space is . Articulated mounts also offer the greatest overall flexibility to adapt to an ever changing environment. If you decide to remodel or improve your store/business setup you can rest assured these mounts are fully adjustable and will not require moving. Much like the tilt TV mounts, articulated mounts will also commonly be mounted about four feet from the floor depending on customer desired tv mounting height.

tv mounting height

If you are looking to get your TVs mounted please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 704-442-7019 for a free over the phone estimate. We have the best TV mounting prices and service in the Charlotte and surrounding area.


Need a TV Mounting Service in Charlotte?

Need a TV Mounting Service in Charlotte?

Need a TV mounting service in the Charlotte NC area to mount your tv on the wall or over the fireplace? Nothing is more appealing than properly placed tv on the wall. Whether it is Black Friday or Christmas, searching for qualified affordable company to mount your tv in Charlotte, can be difficult. Please take the time out to explore what South Charlotte TV Mounting Services has to offer.

We want you to enjoy watching your favorite shows anywhere in the house from the living room, your bathroom, kitchen area, living space, ceiling mount, garage or even outdoors on your patio. All while you get huge savings over what the “big box” stores charge. We can provide our homeowners with all the tv accessories needed for your project. That includes tv mounting brackets, HDMI cable, a cord cover, floating shelves and wall plates without the high retail markup.

Need A Professional TV Mounting Service That Cares

See why year after year, residents and business owners that need a tv mounting service in the Charlotte NC area have voted South Charlotte Services as the top Google vendor for TV mounting based on service, affordability and premium quality of work. With flat-panel television mounting prices that start at just $80, you can’t go wrong with South Charlotte TV Installation Service.

Need a TV wall mounting service in the Charlotte NC area to mount your tv on the wall or over the fireplace? Nothing is more appealing than a properly mounted tv on the wall. When searching for the right company to install your tv in Charlotte, can be difficult. Whether it is Black Friday special, Christmas surprise or just replacing your old flat screen tv we have you covered.

At South Charlotte TV Mounting Service, we want you to enjoy watching your favorite shows anywhere in the house from the living room, over the fireplace, your bathroom, kitchen area, living space, ceiling mount, garage or even outdoors on your patio. All while you get huge savings over what the “big box” stores charge. We can provide our homeowners with all the tv accessories needed for your project as well as TV height suggestions. That includes tv mounting brackets, HDMI cable, a cord cover, and wall plates without the high retail markup.

Need A Professional TV Mounting Estimate

Knowing that your $1000 TV is being held up by a quality tilting mount bracket that you researched and purchased is priceless. Not to mention the warranty is yours to keep. 

Never go for the free tv mounting bracket included gimmick many tv mounting services try to push on you. Try to get a TV mounting service back out after their cheap five dollar tv mount has failed. Most are made in some third world country and have no warranty. We offer quality a quality tilting mount for under $50. You can also amazon prime  to purchase most any type swivel mount if you have the patience and know how. There are several factors that come in to play when choosing the most cost effective wall mount. The TV wall mounting cost vary tremendously and is what you should be focused on.

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Buying Correct Durable TV Brackets

All the flat screen tv mounts and accessories below South Charlotte TV Mounting Service recommends highly. If purchasing articulated or full motion tv wall mounts, be sure only to buy dual arm mounting brackets. Never buy a single arm articulated mounting bracket unless under 42″. Most end up failing or drooping. We always guarantee all workmanship for five years but can not be responsible for inferior single arm mounts. Although some of these are not the cheapest, they are far better than those found at big box stores where you will pay double and are dual arm wall full-motion mounts which are far more superior.

If you need a TV mounting service in Charlotte NC, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out TV Wall Mounting Request Form. We will need to no wall type we will be mounting tv on.

As mentioned before,  tv mounting starts at $80 for flat screens up to 55″ with homeowners supplied wall mount. Standard fireplace tv mounting begins at $130.00 without wire concealment with homeowner provided wall mount. Go here for more tv installation prices.

Reasons To Mount A TV

reasons to mount a tv

Reasons to Mount a TV

Reasons to mount a tv are numerous but here are the top three homeowners should take into consideration when deciding to mount one.

There are at least 3 main reasons to mount your TV to the wall rather than let it sit precariously on a stand. Wall mounted TVs transform an already useful entertainment area into an actual creative statement. There are a variety of other factors to take into consideration when mounting your tv to the wall.

Child Safety Security

Reasons to mount a tv by south charlotte servicesChild Safety should be the most genuine of reasons to mount a TV to the wall. It is also much safer than having it on a furniture stand. Ask anyone who has ever brushed against a TV that’s on a stand knows how unsettling it can be. In addition, if customers have children or an unruly dog in the household, the likelihood of that TV falling over rises dramatically. TV’s kill or injure a child every 2 weeks. One last point, if you are ill-fated enough to have a break-in, burglars are more likely to snatch up a stand alone TV, rather than bother taking one down that has been bolt mounted to the wall.

Space Conservation | Increased Space and Style

For the majority of people, unless they’re residing in the large estate, space conservation is usually always at a premium. When customers mount a TV on their wall, you immediately free up a remarkable amount of space. This immediately allures to the interior designer lurking within almost all of us, and homeowners rapidly discover that the space that they’ve now freed up can be utilized in new and exciting ways.

Increased View-ability and Performance

The third most significant reason to mount tv is view-ability and performance. Homeowners can now say farewell to the days when you had to sit in a certain location at a certain angle at a certain period of day to get a lucid view of whatever was on the TV. One of the best reasons to mount a TV is customers get to choose from the many different types of TV wall mounts available now. Most articulated mounts allow homeowners to watch your TV from almost any area of a room at any time of the day.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Among the other reasons to mount your television is that it’s very easy. Installing a TV on all types of wall surfaces is covered in my free DIY TV mounting videos. If you can read a blog or view a video clip, you could mount your T.V. on the wall. If you still really feel that this beyond your skill degree or just do not have the time then give us a call or text. We have a transparent cost structure.
There you have it– 3 excellent reasons to mount your tv to the wall. Please visit our site for more information.

Affordable Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation In Charlotte Area

Affordable Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation In Charlotte Area

Affordable bathroom exhaust fan installed in the Charlotte area. If your bath fan is making a load screeching sound, will not switch on or it does not remove the dampness, then I hope this sheds light on the problem. The reason bathroom exhaust fans are required by code in most jurisdiction is to remove excess moisture produced from showers, toilets and faucets. This imperative to protect against black mold production.

When carrying out a bathroom exhaust fan installation, homeowners do not have to remove the full duct assembly. They just need to get rid of the fan electric motor assembly. They can after that look online or take the exhaust fan housing assembly to your local Lowes, Home Depot, or ACE hardware store. Then they can match it up with a substitute fan motor assembly. These exhaust fan replacement electric motors are often very affordable depending on features such as light and how quiet they are. They generally start around $20 bucks each. They are usually easy to change, you simply need to see to it you match it up with the proper replacement electric motor that will suit your duct work.

Use of eye protection is suggested when getting rid of and replacing the follower motor as dirt and brushing shavings will be covering every little thing inside the vent and may fall into your eyes.

First Step to Checking a Exhaust Fan

Instead of a complete bathroom exhaust fan installation, one should see to it the plastic cover is not loose as well as not developing the shaking sound since it is hanging above you in many cases. Likewise, there may be a strange noise originating from inside the duct since there is a lot dust as well as dust covering the moving parts. Now the homeowner can merely clean the dust off of the bath fan blades as well as bordering area. Clean every little thing out making use of a wand style vacuum and afterwards examination to see if the sound has actually stopped.

The homeowner could additionally get rid of the old bathroom exhaust fan electric motor assembly as well as plug the fan motor right into an additional power outlet in your house to test it. This is to see if it is transforming properly. They could additionally shoot a few squirts of oil on the bath fan’s electric motor shaft if it has actually frozen up. When they’ve done every little thing you possibly can without changing anything, placed every little thing back together and also examine to see if it is now functioning properly. If so, it was just dirty and changing the bath fan electric motor is not required.

When To Call South Charlotte Services

If it still does not function properly, then it might be time to call South Charlotte Services to install a new updated bath fan. When the homeowner are going to the trouble of having it removed they might as well invest in better exhaust fan that is low noise. The property owner will probably notice quite a difference in prices regarding CFM compared to the cheaper ones often used by most building contractors.

If homeowners need bathroom exhaust fan installed they come in a variety of styles and options including lights, night lights and heaters as well as models with humidity or motion sensing or smartly linked operation to meet whole house ventilation standards.  Whereas a typical exhaust fan is rated at about 4.0 Sones, Most bath exhaust fans has models that are certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) at less than 0.3 Sones.  A fan like this will not only make your experience more enjoyable, it will also be pleasing to others in the house who are still sleeping.

So if if you are in need a bathroom exhaust fan installation in Charlotte NC then please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 704|442|7019.

Need A Ceiling Fan Installed in Charlotte NC

Handyman services

Need a Ceiling Fan Installed in Charlotte NC

Need a Ceiling Fan Installed In Charlotte NC
If you have lived in the Charlotte NC area you quickly understand the significance of having a ceiling fan installed. Ceiling fan installation starts at $125 for 8-10ft ceilings. Call for free over the phone quote at 704-442-7019.


South Charlotte Services provides a step-by-step overview of installing a versatile as well as sophisticated looking fan fixture. Of course if you need a ceiling fan installed in Charlotte NC then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The popularity of ceiling fans continues to grow as an increasing number of homeowners discover exceptional, year-round power and financial savings. In summertime, ceiling fans develop cooling breezes, which reduce the pressure on air conditioners. In winter, they distribute warmed air to keep the space cozy.

Setting up a ceiling fan is reasonably clear-cut, specifically if the space over comes from an attic room. Nonetheless, even when it isn’t, the work is still rather very simple for a professional ceiling fan installer. Right here, we’ll show how to replace an old lighting fixture with a new ceiling fan and light, in a space without any attic over. The advantage of this strategy is that you do not need to run new electrical wiring.

Simply bear in mind, electrical boxes utilized for ceiling lights aren’t sturdy or sufficient to hold a ceiling fan. You need to replace the existing electric box with one developed for ceiling fans.

Why You Need a Ceiling Fan Installed

There are few DIY fixtures that can affect the look and also livability of an area as well as a ceiling fan. It can keep you cool on sultry summer season days, press cozy air down right into the room during winter, or even function as the space’s primary illumination if you include a light package. Switching an existing light with a ceiling fan is a simple, one-day job considering that the circuitry is already in place.

You can not just fasten the ceiling fan from the existing electrical box. It’s just not solid or sufficient to support the included weight and vibration of most ceiling fans. Assuming you do not have access to the ceiling fan from above, you have to either use a specially designed fan support and also box to place the fan in between joists or, even better, screw a fan-rated “pancake” box directly to a ceiling joist.

How To Install A Ceiling Fan On Your Own

Removing the Existing Lighting fixture.

See to it electricity to circuit is shut off and also carefully remove the glass cover from the old lighting fixture.

Loosen the retaining nut or screws that hold the light component to the ceiling.

Reduced the fixture as well as detach the wires by twisting off the plastic ports from completions of the cords.

Step 2: Eliminate Box and Cut New Opening

Get rid of the old electrical box from the ceiling. If it’s attached to a joist, tear it free with a flat bar. You might need to take off a metal plate to loosen the box; after that pry the bar from the joists.

Hold a 1/2-inch-thick pancake box to the ceiling, then trace around it with a pencil.

Cut along the line with a sheetrock saw.

Step 3: Affix New Electrical Box

Feed the electric cord coming from the ceiling through the knockout hole in the pancake box.

Install the box right into the hole in the ceiling and press it tight against the underside of the joist.

Affix the box to the joist with the two 1 1/2- inch No. 10 hex-head screws provided. Drive in the screws with a drill/driver furnished with a 5/16-inch nut-driver tip.

Cover the cable’s bare copper wire around the basing screw inside the box. Allow the wire end to suspended for later connection to fan ground wire.

Step 4: (Optional) Install a Ceiling Fan Medallion

Glue on the Ceiling Medallion.

Apply urethane-based glue to the rear of the ceiling medallion.

Pass the cables with the medallion.

Center the medallion on the pancake box and press. Secure it with four 6d finishing nails driven into the joist.

Set the nailheads and fill with caulk or spackle.

Step 5: Mount the Ceiling Plate

Hold the fan’s metal ceiling plate around the pancake box then pull the cables through the ceiling plate opening.

Affix the ceiling plate to the box with two 1 1/2- inch-long 10-32 machine screws.

Step 6: Fastening the Fan Components Together

With the ceiling fan on the floor, feed the cords coming from the motor through the center of the ceiling cover. Let the cover sit on top of the motor.

Next, successfully pass the fans electrical wires through the hollow down-rod pipe.

Thread the down-rod pipe into the top of the motor. Make use of a wrench to tighten the square-head locking screw on the side of the down rod.

Step 7: Make the Electrical Connections

Insert the Down-Rod into the ceiling plate holder.

Make use of the twist-on wire nuts, attach ground wires to the bare copper wire originating from the electrical box. Join both white cables and then both black cables. If installing to a duel switch then attach the blue wire to the existing red wire. This will make one switch operate the fan and the other will operate the light. If installing a ceiling fan remote the red wire will not be used.

Step 8: Affix the Blades and Lights

Attach each fan blade to a blade iron (the support that holds the blade to the fan). After that, secure the blade irons to the motor with the screws offered.

If installing a light kit then you will attach it into the cable hanging from the bottom of the fan’s electric motor.

Next attach light shades as well as light bulbs.

Screw the plastic holder for the remote to the wall close to the wall switch.

If you need a ceiling fan installed in Charlotte NC and don’t want to DIY then don’t hesitate to give South Charlotte Services a call at 704|442|7019

Best TV Mounts For Your Situation

best type tv mounts

Best TV Mounts For Your Situation

Best TV Mounts | Charlotte NC

Best TV mounts for your installation and situation in Charlotte NC. Selecting the most effective flat panel TV wall mount can be a hard choice since there are many different styles, brands, and types of TV mounts. Choosing the wrong install can create you hours of frustration as you try to get it to function properly or just end up returning it to the store as well as starting over. This guide breaks down the three most typical kinds of TV wall mounts, full-motion/articulating, tilting, and also motorised, and then offers a couple of tips on just what to try to find in a good wall surface place.

Best Full-Motion/ Articulating TV Mounts

best TV Mounts in charlotte nc

One of the best TV mounts is a Full-motion wall mounts that provide you the ability to adjust your TV of the wall mount and pivot it any kind of direction. They can also turn up or down, as well as press back flat against the wall when you desire a flat mount look. Full-motion places are fantastic for corner installations. Full-Motion Wall Mounts additionally functioned well for installing a TV in that will be visible from several different angles. The mount can also be used connect to the rear of the old TV niches and also the arm will certainly bring the TV flush to the front, making it appear like the TV is drifting. These articulated mounts are commonly more costly and somewhat harder to mount than tilting or low-profile choices. Some double arm full-motion places can pull out from the wall up to 30″ or a lot more, while the less costly single arm options generally appear concerning 10″. We recommend at least a 20+” arm for corner setups of large Televisions. Bear in mind that you will require longer cables with a full-motion mount. We recommend a minimum of 8′, yet 12′ is optimal in many scenarios. You will likely use up at least 4′ of cable by routing it as if the mount could move without pinching cable televisions. Another consideration is that also when pushed level versus the wall surface the TV will not be as near the wall surface just like a tilting or unnoticeable install.

Base Line: Great for corners, niches, closets, recessed locations, and other situations where the TV should pull out as well as swivel. They are harder to mount, much more pricey, and also need longer cords.


best type tv mounts that are low profile

Another type of tv mounts are low-profile wall mount is used when you desire the TELEVISION as near the wall surface as possible. They do not turn or rotate in any way, yet are generally the least expensive of any kind of install. However, in some cases the TELEVISION is so close to the wall surface that you could not access the cords to plug in. If the cord connections are on the back of the TELEVISION, encountering the wall, you will certainly need 90 degree adapters as well as spacers to bring the TELEVISION out from the wall. If the connectors are on the side of the TV you are in far better shape, but in some cases the cables can press the bottom of the TV out, making the TELEVISION tilt somewhat upwards.

Unless you require your TELEVISION as close to the wall surface as feasible, we tend to suggest tilting wall mounts over inconspicuous layouts. A choice would certainly be to make use of a full-motion install within a recessed cavity which will supply the cleanest look because the TELEVISION can be flush with the wall.


Being the least expensive wall mount choice. Less complicated to mount than full-motion. Places TELEVISION closer to the wall surface than full-motion or tilting, on a flat wall surface. One problem that can arise from these types mounts is cabling which can cause issues and make the TV tilt up which is not a desired outcome.

Best Tilting Wall Surface Mount

Best type mounts for tilting

One of the best tv mounts is a tilting wall mount which is the ideal selection for most installments. It installs very near the wall; numerous tilting wall installs are really optimal for “low-profile tilting”. These mounts can usually handle even more weight than a full-motion design and also offer simpler installment. The TELEVISION does not really move up or down on the wall surface, they simply turns up or down and also it could not be pulled out from the wall. This is an excellent option if the TELEVISION the being placed where exterior light from windows would normally cause glare or undesired reflections on the display.

  • Bottom Line

The most effective choice for many installations. Allows for the TELEVISION to tilt up or down. Less costly than full-motion installs, however more pricey than low-profile. Much easier to set up than full-motion.


The best tv mounts are generally based off of the VESA standard and also can sustain numerous dimensions of Televisions. Basically, the VESA typical determines just how much apart mounting bolt openings need to be on the back of a TELEVISION. Due to this requirement you could check out the handbook of your TV and also see just what the bolt pattern is, and then locate a wall place that works. A lot of wall surface places checklist on the side of the box what screw patterns they deal with. This technique gets the guess work of wondering if a mount will certainly help a particular TELEVISION. Also inspect the weight that the mount can hold and also make sure the weight of the TELEVISION is within that array. By taking a look at weight as well as screw pattern specifications you could establish what wall mount install will certainly fit your TELEVISION.

What Makes One Mount Better Than Another Mount?

As you purchase a wall surface install you may see that costs differ considerably in between different brands and also styles. It has actually been our encounter that less expensive wall surface places tend to lack beneficial functionality that much more costly installs include. With that stated, we have actually set up lots of affordable mounts successfully. Below are a couple of points to search for:

  • Level Modification

Some places will certainly allow you to adjust the degree of the TV after it’s on the wall. This is specifically valuable when aiming to level a TV with a fireplace mantle.

  • Securing System

Several business places have an area for a lock to maintain the TV from being stolen.

  • Accuracy Height Adjustment

Best Tv mounting height
Once the TELEVISION is mounted on the wall surface it can be changed up or down, this is useful when trying to install a TV in a recessed location.


Less costly mounts have the tendency to feature less screws and also lower quality lag screws compared to the best type TV mounts. Lag bolt holds the install on the wall and also reduced quality screws can damage while tightening them down.


Can you control the TELEVISION effortlessly as soon as it’s mounted? If you have to release screws making modifications instead of just using your hand to tilt and/or expand your television you could want something much more ergonomic.


Inevitably, as long as the wall surface mount you purchase is ranked to handle your TELEVISION you shouldn’t stress over the TELEVISION falling off the wall surface. All the extra functions we discussed are great to have, however not always needed. The actual method is knowing ways to set up the TV so it is safe as well as looks excellent. There are a lot of specialty mounts not covered in this write-up. The very best type TV mounts can provide in-depth details you can get on the supplier’s web site. If you take a look at a few of the significant manufacturers like Peerless, Sanus, Cheetah, as well as Omnimount you should be able to discover a mount that fits your needs. Of course we are only a phone call away it you need additional suggestions or ideas.  Don’t hesitate to call South Charlotte Services at 704|442|7019 if you need advice on choosing the best tv mounts in Charlotte NC.


We always give you the option to buy the Television wall mount yourself or choose us for your TV wall mounting service. That way you choose the type, quality and price. One fact stands out, most but not all Charlotte TV mounting companies are buying cheap overseas wall mounts to increase profits. We’ve seen them as low as $6.00 a piece out of China and all you get is a promised warranty from the TV wall mount installation company. Personally, I would not risk my expensive Super Ultra High Definition being held up by a six dollar mount. So watch out for the old free wall mount wall mount special since we all know nothings free.

When buying TV wall mounting brackets there are many factors to consider. You can find a TV wall mount bracket from local big box stores for around $60.00. As of June 2015, Harbor Freight has tilt TV wall mounts (lowest) for around $30.00 in Charlotte. However you save a considerable amount of money purchasing television wall mounts online for those who possess the time. For the same price you pay at big box store you can get higher quality TV wall mounts online. I shop around to find the best TV wall mounts cost wise but we also demand high quality and they must be guaranteed. I only purchase from 5-Start rated sellers and never have been let down once. Modern A/V also offers high quality mounts for a great price. Motorized TV wall are also available but they do add labor cost.

Simply measure your TV and make certain the mount you buy is the correct size. As long as your within that range you will be good. Shipping times will vary with Amazon but usually a week or so. TV mounting over fireplaces are also an additional cost depending on difficulty. If you have any other installation questions simply call South Charlotte TV Mounting Service or text us at 704 442 7019. You can even text us an image of the TV installation area for a better over the phone rough estimate.

Selecting the best tv mounts really in Charlotte NC depend on your individual situation. Please feel free to call us for more information on tv mounts that fit your needs.

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