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Charlotte’s Best Pull Down TV Mounting Service

Charlotte’s Best  Fireplace Pull Down TV Mounting Service is pleased to offer a new TV mounting service to our Charlotte customers. With the new affordable drop and pull down mounts it has never been easier to get the awesome look of a properly placed tv on a fireplace plus a perfect viewing angle.

drop down tv mounting service

Mounting  A TV Over Fireplace In Charlotte NC

Here are some tips if you are thinking about mounting a TV over a fireplace in Charlotte NC. Mixing tech with heat isn’t normally the greatest concept in the world, but if you are thinking about this placement plan, take into consideration these tips from pros like us who have encountered it all.

When mounting a tv above a fireplace primary focus should be on decreasing possible neck strain from improper TV placement. A lot of homeowners neglect to comprehend how high a TV can look once mounted on the wall. So choose tv mounting height wisely. If you have a shorter fireplace, it may be less of a problem, but you’re most likely to be mounting the TV higher than the recommended eye-level for for stress free viewing.

Mounting a TV Over Fireplace With Tilt Mount

For basic fireplace mounting we advocate buying a TV mount with tilt capability at least. It might not have to be tilted, but it is always better to have that option if you need it later.

New Over The Fireplace Pull Down Mounts | Best Drop Down Mounts

If viewing angle is everything then we recommend buying a Drop Down Mount or Pull Down Mount. They are made just for fireplaces but can be used in a variety of situations like mobile and RV. Pull the TV down when you need it and just push it back into place when the TV’s not on.

drop down tv mounting service

The fireplace drop down tv mount we recommend has a remarkable low profile appearance for this class of mounts. Meaning it looks more like a picture on the wall. While more expensive to buy and install they are the best type installation for fireplaces.

New Over The Fireplace Drop Down Mounts | Pull Down Mounts

If this looks like more than you want to tackle on your own then we offer basic installation charge that starts at $150 with homeowner supplying mount. We make nothing on materials. Rough fireplace mounting prices here. Fill out questionnaire to verify it will fit then you can order it straight from supplier. Below is the best price we could find for a quality drop down mount.

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If you’re really looking to get elaborate, you can grab an motorized mount that tilts when the TV is turned on and retracts when not in use. Call us for more information.

Finally remember to coalesce the TV into the area. Size of TV matters when it comes to mounting tvs on fireplaces. Homeowners don’t comprehend that mounting a gigantic TV up there can really transform the space into a sports bar rather than a comfortable living room. If too large it can also take away stone or brickwork.  With sheetrock walls, you can try adding a few of bookshelves, paint, and some nick-nacks to even out the wall’s focus from “just the TV.” It’s remarkable what a few aesthetic adjustments can do.