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Need a TV Installation Service in Charlotte North Carolina

Do you need a TV Installation Services in Charlotte North Carolina? Looking for a reliable and affordable TV installation service. Look no further!

Looking for a professional and affordable TV installation services in the Charlotte, NC area? Look no further than South Charlotte TV Mounting Service. We specialize in mounting TVs on your wall or over the fireplace, ensuring a properly placed TV that adds appeal to any room. Whether it’s Black Friday, Christmas, or any other occasion, finding a qualified and affordable company to mount your TV can be challenging. That’s where South Charlotte Services comes in.

Need a TV installation service in Charlotte NC

At South Charlotte Services, we want you to enjoy your favorite shows anywhere in your house. Whether it’s installing the TV over the fireplace, the living room, bathroom, kitchen area, living space, ceiling mount, garage, or even outdoors on your patio, we can make it happen. And the best part? You’ll get huge savings compared to what the “big box” stores charge. We provide all the necessary TV accessories for your project, including TV mounting brackets, HDMI cables, cord covers, floating shelves, and wall plates, all without the high retail markup.

The Top TV Mounting Professionals For TV Wall Mounting In Charlotte

For years, residents and business owners in the Charlotte, NC area have chosen South Charlotte Services as their top choice for TV installation service in Charlotte. Our customers have voted us as the top Google vendor for TV mounting based on our excellent service, affordability, and premium quality of work. Unlike many third party installers like Home Depot and Lowes, we always strive to walk out with another 5-Star review. With prices starting at just $80-for flat-panel television mounting under 55 inches, installation starts with the professionals, you can’t go wrong with South Charlotte Services.

Professional TV Mounting Services In Charlotte You Can Trust

When it comes to your TV, you want to ensure it’s being held up by a quality tilting mount bracket. That’s why South Charlotte Services recommends choosing your own tilting mount bracket, giving you peace of mind and warranty protection. Avoid the gimmick of free TV mounting brackets that other services may offer, as they often fail and lack warranties. We offer high-quality tilting mounts for under $50, or you can purchase a swivel mount from Amazon Prime. We also provide TV height suggestions to ensure the best viewing experience. Don’t settle for inferior mounts – choose South Charlotte TV Wall Mounting Services for durability and quality.

Get a Free Digital TV Mounting Estimate

Ready to take the next step? If you are in the Charlotte North Carolina area then just click the link below for a free digital TV mounting charlotte estimate delivered straight to your email. As a Google 5-Star local business serving the South Charlotte area for over 20 years, we understand all aspects of TV mounting in Charlotte NC. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you. Simply fill out our TV Wall Mounting Request Form, and we’ll provide you with an estimate based on your specific needs. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing and superior customer service.

Buy Correct Durable TV Brackets

At South Charlotte TV Mounting Service Charlotte, we highly recommend the following flat-screen TV mounts and accessories. If you’re purchasing articulated or full-motion TV wall mounts, be sure to choose dual-arm mounting brackets for superior stability. Avoid single-arm articulated mounts, especially for TVs larger than 42 inches, as they tend to fail or droop over time. While these recommended mounts may not be the cheapest option, they far exceed the quality found at big box stores, where prices are often double. We guarantee all workmanship for five years, ensuring your peace of mind.

Mounting TV Over Stone Fireplace in Charlotte

Call or Fill Out Our TV Wall Mounting Request Form Today

If you’re in need of a TV mounting service near me or in Charlotte, NC, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call or fill out our TV Wall Mounting Request Form, and let us know the type of wall we’ll be mounting your TV on. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with all your TV installation needs.

TV Wall Mount Installation Cost:
  • Flat screens up to 55″: starts at $100 with homeowner-supplied wall mount.
  • Standard fireplace TV mounting: starts at $150 without wire concealment, with homeowner-supplied wall mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Height for Mounting a TV?

This can vary depending on room size, viewing distance, and whether you’ll be watching while sitting or standing. However, the optimal height is usually at eye level when seated.

Can I Mount a TV Above a Fireplace?

It’s possible, but there are considerations like heat and ergonomics that you should take into account.

Is Wall Mounting Safe for All Types of Walls?

Wall types like drywall, concrete, and brick have different requirements for mounting. Always consult with a professional for the safest installation.

Do I Need a Professional Installation Service?

While DIY is possible, a professional service ensures a safe and optimal setup.