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Rental Property Repairs 

We wish to discuss Rental Property Repairs and Fees associated with them. This is not a for or against article. We just offer our earnest viewpoint.

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Exactly what are Rental Property Maintenance Fees?
Rental property maintenance fees cover typical upkeep of your house. With a property manager you pay this charge so that they will handle the procedure of handling these routine maintenance problems for you, not always a good idea. This usually doesn’t  include the expenses of the real work, however rather the time for the management company to provide the service. All thing you can do yourself in most cases.

What is the Typical Charge for Rental Property Repair

Approximating a precise annual or monthly expense for upkeep can be difficult and is one of the locations property owners have the tendency to under-estimate. A good general rule is to budget plan roughly 1% of the property’s worth. So if your home deserves $240,000 then you would want to budget plan $2,400, or $200 each month. In other words if you can put that money away each year then you should be able to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

The longer you own a home the better you will get at forecasting the maintenance costs that are proper.

What Items Have An Impact on Maintenance Fees

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The very same things that would be causes of increased maintenance by yourself home will be present on a rental property. these products consist of the age of the home, its size, the initial condition, the environment, the type of home, and the quality of occupant. Plus remember that if there are any HOA maintenance fees, that these must be factored in.

There will likewise be an increased cost when your house turns over, as you’ll want to refresh things as much as bring in the next occupant. That’s where South Charlotte Services Rental Property Repairs is available in. You may keep a different fund that you contribute to month-to-month to provide funds to handle costs of repair and maintenance when going back into the rental phase.

Rental Property Repairs Options

When it comes to handles your rental property repairs there are three options.

First, you can manage the home rental repairs yourself thus giving you the alternative of doing the rental property repair work yourself or sub-contracting it out. However this can become over overwhelming at times to say the least. You have verify the companies work history, price out the project and then schedule correctly.

Secondly, you can hire a property management company. In this case you have to rely on the property management to look out for your best interest. While some property management companies are good others are either ill equipped or don’t have your best interest.

Last, you could hire South Charlotte Services to tend to your rental property needs. With over 30 years home building and project management combined John Clay and Joe Woods will always work in your best interest. Depending on needs we can accommodate complete tear outs to simple rental property repairs. We believe most rental investors don’t want be bothered with basic maintenance hassles such as changing filters, home welfare checks and preventive maintenance. We are trained professionals that know your time is valuable.

Property Maintenance and Other Variable Cost

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This is generally the hardest classification to approximate, and frequently home investors ignore the amount. As mentioned earlier, a general guideline for property management is 1 percent of the home worth each year. So a home valued at $180,000 would have $1,800 annually, or $150 each month, in these expenses. Lots of things can affect this, such as the condition, age, size and type of home. Likewise in a single household home the owner spends for the roofing system, house painting and other expenses that are sometimes covered by HOA charges in a common interest advancement, so take that into account. Either way, always remember that those big capital intensive repairs and replacements can often be avoided with simply yearly preventive inspections or rental welfare checks.

Dealing With Property Management Companies

When dealing with any home management company, make certain to define the scope of work in your agreement to include how much per hour they also charge for on-staff maintenance, at exactly what dollar of cost do they need to notify you before moving forward with a repair, if there is a mark-up on the charges for outdoors specialists they use, etc. You’re paying an upkeep charge so you must anticipate that the property management company needs to make it’s fair share which can sometimes be substantial. We deal more on an a on-call basis without the exorbitant yearly fees. We offer free home welfare check at once a year to identify problem areas.

Remember that forecasting rental property repairs rest on your due diligence to determine if a property is financially a great investment. You have to take into account all the factors that affect on-going maintenance and then identify your forecasted budget. If you’re working with a property supervisor as ourselves, they will have the ability to help create a true detailed repair estimate as well as yearly maintenance budgets. That being said, when you have a leak in the middle of the night you don’t want to be shopping around for a plumber. We take the worry out of whether someone will show up and expertise to know it will be done right. Be careful of people that just throw out numbers. They lure you in only to ask for more money later. You always get detailed estimates from us per property inspection or project.

What We Do


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South Charlotte Services helps property owners and financiers in maximizing revenue potential while minimizing the inconveniences of dealing with subcontractors, prices and working out scheduling. All you need to do is call us for a free quote. If you need rental property repair work immediately contact us at 704-442-7019. As mentioned before we do most of the work ourselves but can also monitor and supervise any subcontractors that might be needed for more advanced work.

We are happy to provide to you estimates for rental welfare checks, touch ups or complete tear outs. Put our professional construction experience and knowledge to work for you. Call us at 704|442|7019 or complete onscreen form.

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