Mounting TV Over A Gas Fireplace

Mounting TV over a gas fireplace in the Charlotte NC area

Myth Busted: Mounting TV Over Gas Fireplace Damages TV | Debunked

You might have heard  that mounting a tv over a gas fireplace can damage TV or cause neck strain. Neither is true. If by chance you’re thinking about mounting a tv above your gas fireplace, Samsung says have no worries: In the hands of a custom tv mounting specialist, these false myths hold no merit.

Why Mount Your TV Over A Gas Fireplace

To liberate your cluttered Living Room, mounting a TV over a gas fireplace might be what the doctor ordered. Fireplaces are they the most aesthetically-pleasing, attractive, and outright gorgeous focal point of the house. For mounting tvs, they are some of the most structurally sound places to mount as well. Often the theme of a home will feature the fireplace as the focal point in a living room or great room– mounting your TV to the fireplace can free up much need space for other pieces, create a wow factor to the room while also alleviating a TV tip over tragedy.

mounting a tv above a stone fireplace in charlotte nc
The Three Most Common Fallacies About Mounting A TV Over A Gas Fireplace
  • There’s no way to run power to the TV at all, or at least not without visible wires.
  • The angle of an LCD TV against the fireplace will strain your neck.
  • The heat or soot from the fireplace combustion will detrimentally affect the bottom edge or insides of the TV mounted above the mantel on a stone or brick fireplace.

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No Truth in Myths: Mounting A TV Over A Gas Fireplace Is OK

Fireplace TV Wire Concealment

Prewiring or outlet relocation is a straightforward process in many cases. In other cases behind wall wire concealment while possible may not be economically feasible. If you have a more recent home, your fireplace is most likely already pre wired for electrical, HDMI and coax, and even if you do not have a prewired fireplace, the ability to become properly wired is possible be it at a higher cost than you might be willing to pay. There is also the option of wire tracking to conceal wiring. While not invisible it offers an attractive alternative to the more expensive option of hiring a electrician, drywall and painting crew. Then you still have to mount the tv afterwards. While many fireplaces can be post-wired, due to housing code and fireblocking many simply can’t be done without extensive work. As I mentioned earlier, anything is possible but are you willing to pay for it?

fireplace mounting pre wire

TV Mounting Above Fireplace Causes Neck Strain

When mounting a TV above a fireplace we recommend either a tilt mount or articulated mount. Articulated mounts tilt both on a Y and X axis– which means no glare or sore neck. While the use of tilt mounts are acceptable,  the use of a reasonably priced, commercial grade full motion arm or “swivel” bracket to hold the flat screen will allow you to alter the angle and the axis of the flat screen for superior viewing.

Mounting  A TV Over A Gas Fireplace Damages TV

First off the heat and soot is minimal in wood burning and non-existent in gas fireplaces 24 inches over a firebox.  Have you ever touched the top of your fireplace, was it warm? A flat panel or LCD TV, like a laptop or most electronics, will give off a certain amount of heat during normal working conditions, but a TV properly mounted over your gas fireplace, even wide-open, will not trigger the TV to become any hotter than normal.  Gas fireplaces are always safe. Would burning fireplaces are a little different and must be treated that way. Most wood burning fireplaces must meets basic residential building code is constructed to trap all the heat and smoke of a flames inside the flue– and are so well-insulated so that no smoke or heat should ever ruin your TV. That being said if your friends go crazy stoking the fire and a flame is leaping out your firebox nothing’s safe.

tv mounting above fireplace in charlotte nc

Why Choose South Charlotte Services To Mount Your TV In Charlotte

The fireplace TV mounting experts at South Charlotte Services have done honestly hundreds of brick, sheetrock and stone fireplace TV installations in the Charlotte-area. Our specially-trained techs have the practical know-how and experience that comes with daily exposure to these and other types of specialty-installations. No two fireplaces are precisely the same, but our experts have never come upon one which was impossible to mount. We know what we’re doing period. This means your installation, whether above a fireplace or on a ceiling, will be of the highest possible quality and will always meet or go beyond your exact expectations.

Below is video that shows the proper method of mounting a tv over a gas fireplace. In this case it was a stacked stone fireplace, which required commercial still toggles. We never compromise the stacked stone by drilling directly into it. This can break the cleats holding the stone in place causing displacement. By using 4 inch commercial toggles we can go through the mortar joints and backer board ensuring a stable tv wall mount without damaging the expensive stonework.

If you would like a free online quote or would like to learn more about fireplace TV installs, contact the audio/video tv installers at South Charlotte Services at 704-442-7019 or visit for more information.

Need a TV Mounting Service in Charlotte

Need a TV Mounting Service in Charlotte

Need a TV Mounting Service in Charlotte then look no further. When searching for trades for tv mounting in Charlotte take time to explore what South Charlotte Services has to offer. Enjoy watching your favorite shows anywhere in the house from the common living room, your bathroom , kitchen area, living space, ceiling mounts, garage or even outdoors on your patio. Enjoy the savings at the same time over what the “big box” stores charge. We are able to provide our homeowners with all of the same equipment needed for your project without the high retail mark-up.

Need a tv mounting service in Charlotte

Need A TV Mounting Service In Charlotte That Cares

See why year after year, residents and business owners that need a tv mounting service in the Charlotte NC area have voted South Charlotte Services at the top vendor for TV mounting based on service, affordability and premium quality of work. With flat-panel television mounting prices that start at just $80 and services that can’t be matched, you can’t go wrong with the professional staff at SCS TV Installation Service in Charlotte.

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Knowing that your $1000 TV is being held up by a quality mount that you researched and purchased is priceless. Not to mention the warranty is yours to keep. Never go for the free mount included gimmick many tv mounting services try to push on you. Try to getting a TV mounting service back out after their cheap $5 tv mount has failed. Most are made in some third world country and have no warranty. We offer quality mounts at a discount.

Buying Durable TV Mounts

All the flatscreen mounts and accessories below South Charlotte TV Mounting Service recommends highly. When purchasing articulated or full motion mounts be sure to only buy dual arm mounts. Never buy a single arm articulated mount unless under 42″. Most end up failing or drooping. We always guarantee all workmanship for 5 years but can not be responsible for inferior single arm mounts. Although some of these are not the cheapest they are for better than those found at big box stores where you will pay double and are dual arm wall plates which are far more superior.

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If you need a TV mounting service in Charlotte NC then please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free over the phone estimate. As mentioned before basic tv mounting starts at $80 for flat screens up to 55″with homeowners supplied wall mount. Basic fireplace tv mounting starts at $130.00 without wire concealment with homeowner supplied wall mount. Go here for more tv installation prices.

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