mounting tv over a fireplace

Mounting A TV Over The Fireplace Faqs

Mounting a tv over the fireplace in Charlotte NC has become a popular and attractive way to display your television. For instance, an over the fireplace TV installation is a fantastic alternative that can quickly incorporate the latest ultra-slim plasma and LED HDTVs with the rest of your room decor and ambiance. Mounting your tv above a fireplace also saves space that can be better utilized than as a stand.

mounting tv over the fireplace

Several articles have been written on how safe it is to install a tv over the fireplace regardless of whether it is a plasma, LED or LCD TV, particular in regard to heat dissipation.
The reality is that there is few reasons why you should not use the area above the fireplace for your new flat-panel HDTV. However, before proceeding with an over the fireplace TV installation, there are a number of considerations that come into play; heat dissipation is just one of them, but there is also others. Click here for more information.

What About The Heat When Mounting A TV Over The Fireplace

One of the main benefits of the brand new flat-screen TVs is their slim profile which makes it easy to integrate them with the rest of the room decor. At the same time, general living room settings often dictates the fireplace as the center of attraction for the room. By mounting a tv above a fireplace you accentuate both the elegance and functionality of the space.

Can I Mount My TV Over A Fireplace?

Wall mounting a flat panel TV, whether above the fireplace or on a standard wall, is both a great space-saver and an eye-catching solution to display a flat-screen TV. As expressed in the first part of our Flat Screen TV Installation Guide, the availability of various wall mounts renders wall mounting a flat screen TV over the fireplace a relatively easy job that can be managed by most end users. However, there are specific situations where wall mounting a plasma TV may turn out to be significantly more complexed; mounting a plasma over the fireplace can be one of these.

We are not maintaining that wall mounting a flat screen over the fireplace is not doable by most end-users. In reality, this task can range from a simple straightforward installation similar to installing a flat-screen TV wall mount over a common wall, to one which is very challenging and best left to a professional TV installer.

This depends on how your home is constructed. For example, we understand that a wall mounted flatscreen would look at its best when correct wire concealment is implemented. If the wall above the mantel is hollow and can be easily accessible from behind, concealing and running cables should be relatively easy; otherwise things start to get complicated.

In an identical manner, if the wall above the fireplace is made of bricks or stone, then you can make use of appropriate anchor bolts to fix the plasma TV mount. On the other hand, if it is drywall, particular care should be taken to ensure that the whole fixture will be able to take the load of the wall mount and TV.

mounting a tv over the fireplace charlotte nc 28226

At South Charlotte Services we have installed 100’s of tvs over fireplaces so we know when it is possible and when it isn’t. We will never give you false hopes or empty promises. So if you’re thinking about mounting your tv over the fireplace give us a call at 704-442-7019. Many times we are able to give you a over the phone estimate.

Reasons To Mount A TV

reasons to mount a tv

Reasons to Mount a TV

Reasons to mount a tv are numerous but here are the top three homeowners should take into consideration when deciding to mount one.

There are at least 3 main reasons to mount your TV to the wall rather than let it sit precariously on a stand. Wall mounted TVs transform an already useful entertainment area into an actual creative statement. There are a variety of other factors to take into consideration when mounting your tv to the wall.


Child Safety Security

Reasons to mount a tv by south charlotte servicesChild Safety should be the most genuine of reasons to mount a TV to the wall. It is also much safer than having it on a furniture stand. Ask anyone who has ever brushed against a TV that’s on a stand knows how unsettling it can be. In addition, if customers have children or an unruly dog in the household, the likelihood of that TV falling over rises dramatically. TV’s kill or injure a child every 2 weeks. One last point, if you are ill-fated enough to have a break-in, burglars are more likely to snatch up a stand alone TV, rather than bother taking one down that has been bolt mounted to the wall.

Space Conservation | Increased Space and Style

For the majority of people, unless they’re residing in the large estate, space conservation is usually always at a premium. When customers mount a TV on their wall, you immediately free up a remarkable amount of space. This immediately allures to the interior designer lurking within almost all of us, and homeowners rapidly discover that the space that they’ve now freed up can be utilized in new and exciting ways.

Increased View-ability and Performance

The third most significant reason to mount tv is view-ability and performance. Homeowners can now say farewell to the days when you had to sit in a certain location at a certain angle at a certain period of day to get a lucid view of whatever was on the TV. One of the best reasons to mount a TV is customers get to choose from the many different types of TV wall mounts available now. Most articulated mounts allow homeowners to watch your TV from almost any area of a room at any time of the day.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Among the other reasons to mount your television is that it’s very easy. Installing a TV on all types of wall surfaces is covered in my free DIY TV mounting videos. If you can read a blog or view a video clip, you could mount your T.V. on the wall. If you still really feel that this beyond your skill degree or just do not have the time then give us a call or text. We have a transparent cost structure.
There you have it– 3 excellent reasons to mount your tv to the wall. Please visit our site for more information.