Choosing The Correct TV Wall Mount | Best TV Mount Applications

Choosing The Correct TV Wall Mount | Best TV Mount Applications
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Correct TV Wall Mount for Charlotte Homeowners

Choosing The Correct TV Wall Mount
Choosing The Correct TV Wall Mount


If you’re a homeowner in Charlotte, North Carolina, you know how important it is to optimize your living space. Choosing the correct TV wall mount plays a significant role in that optimization, both from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. This guide from South Charlotte Services will cover:

  1. Why the right wall mount is crucial
  2. Types of TV wall mounts with in-depth pros and cons
  3. Essential buying considerations
  4. DIY vs Professional Installation
  5. South Charlotte’s Preferred Provider
  6. Conclusion

Why Choosing the Correct TV Wall Mount is Non-Negotiable: Cons Pros

Choosing the correct TV wall mount is not just about aesthetics; it’s about safety and functionality.

Ultimate Safety

Safety should always be a homeowner’s top priority. A high-quality wall mount ensures your costly TV won’t suddenly come crashing down. A poorly chosen wall mount can result in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages, not to mention the potential safety risks to family members and pets. TV Tip-overs are a real danger and should never be taken lightly!

Elevated Viewing Experience

Everyone enjoys a great movie night or an immersive gaming session. However, these experiences are only as good as your viewing angle. Choosing the best TV wall mount can significantly enhance your viewing experience by allowing adjustments that combat glare and optimize viewing angles.

Aesthetic Enhancement

A wall-mounted TV can serve as the focal point in a room, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The sleek look of a wall-mounted TV, without the clutter of tables and stands, can significantly enhance the look and feel of your living space.

What Wall Mount Are You Supposed To Use Per TV Mounting Application

In-Depth Look at Types of TV Wall Mounts

When choosing the correct TV wall mount, you should be aware of the types available and their pros and cons.

Tilt Wall Mounts Pros Cons


  • Adaptable Angles: They allow for vertical adjustments, significantly reducing neck strain during prolonged viewing.
  • Easy Accessibility: These mounts typically provide more comfortable access to the TV’s ports without requiring you to dismount the TV.


  • Limited Horizontal Movement: These mounts usually don’t offer side-to-side adjustments, making them less ideal for larger rooms.
  • Size Restrictions: Tilt mounts may not be suitable for larger TVs that require more robust support.

Low Profile Wall Mounts


  • Minimalistic Design: Perfect for homeowners who prefer a streamlined look.
  • Ease of Installation: These are generally simpler to install, saving time and possibly professional installation costs.


  • Zero Adjustability: Once mounted, your TV stays put, making it crucial to get the installation spot-on.
  • Port Accessibility: Reaching the ports can be tricky, often requiring the TV to be dismounted, which can be cumbersome.
Full Motion Wall Mounts


  • Versatility: These mounts offer the most extensive range of motion, including tilting, swiveling, and extending.
  • Multiple Viewing Angles: Perfect for large, open-concept spaces where you’ll be viewing the TV from various locations.


  • Cost: Their advanced features make them generally more expensive.
  • Installation Complexity: Due to their flexibility, these mounts often have more complex installation requirements, making professional installation advisable.
Ceiling Mounts


  • Space Saver: If wall space is limited or wall mounting is impractical, ceiling mounts offer an excellent alternative.
  • 360-degree Rotation: These mounts usually offer the most extensive range of viewing angles.


  • Installation: They typically require specialized installation, often making them more expensive in the long run.
  • Aesthetic Concerns: Ceiling mounts can sometimes interfere with a room’s aesthetic, depending on how they are installed.
Best type of tv mounts per application
Best type of tv mounts per application

Essential Checklist for Buyers

Before you dive into purchasing a mount, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Compatibility: The mount must support your TV’s weight and size.
  2. Wall Material: Whether you have drywall, brick, or concrete walls will impact your choice.
  3. Viewing Angles: The height and angle from which you’ll watch TV can influence your mount selection.
  4. Cable Management: Don’t overlook this. The mount should allow for efficient cable management to avoid clutter.

DIY vs Professional Installation: The Great Debate

DIY Installation


  • Cost Savings: Avoid the expense of professional services.
  • Personal Satisfaction: There’s a certain joy in completing home projects yourself.


  • Risk of Errors: Without professional experience, you run the risk of making costly mistakes.
  • Time-Consuming: Researching, buying the necessary tools, and actually mounting the TV can take considerable time.
What type wall mount do I need?
What type wall mount do I need?

Professional TV Installation


  • Efficiency: Professionals can often install mounts more quickly and securely.
  • Expertise: They can offer advice tailored to your specific needs, like the ideal height for mounting.


  • Cost: Professionals charge for their expertise and time.
  • Scheduling: You’ll need to book an appointment, which might not be immediate.

Why Choose South Charlotte TV Mounting Services

With over 250 5-star reviews, South Charlotte TV Mounting Services stands as the preferred service provider in Charlotte, NC. We offer an efficient, top-tier service that guarantees peace of mind and exceptional quality.


As Malcolm Forbes aptly put it, “To measure the man, measure his heart.” In the same way, choosing the correct TV wall mount is an expression of how much you value quality, safety, and the overall aesthetic of your living space. Make the right choice and elevate your home entertainment experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Correct TV Wall Mount
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Correct TV Wall Mount

How do I determine the correct size and weight capacity for my TV mount?

Firstly, check the specifications of your TV, which should include its size and weight. You can typically find this information in your TV’s user manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Once you have this data, make sure to choose a wall mount that explicitly states it can handle the size and weight of your TV.

Is it better to have a professional install my TV wall mount?

The answer to this question often depends on your comfort level with DIY projects and the complexity of the wall mount you’ve chosen. For simpler mounts like low-profile or tilt wall mounts, a DIY approach could suffice. For more complex mounts, like full-motion or ceiling mounts, professional installation is usually recommended for optimal safety and functionality.

What height should I mount my TV at?

The ideal height for mounting your TV can depend on several factors, such as the height of your seating and your eye level when seated. A general rule is that the center of the TV should be at the viewer’s eye level. However, each case is different, and adjustments may need to be made based on room layout and personal preference.

Does the type of wall mount I choose affect the viewing experience?

Absolutely. The type of wall mount you choose can greatly impact your viewing experience. For instance, full-motion wall mounts offer the most flexibility, allowing you to adjust the TV’s angle depending on where you’re sitting, thus reducing glare and improving visibility.

Mounting a TV Over The Fireplace | Tips and Best Practices

Mounting TV over a gas fireplace in the Charlotte NC area
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The Ultimate Guide to Mounting a TV Over the Fireplace: Tips and Best Practices

The Ultimate Guide to Mounting a TV Over the Fireplace: Tips and Best Practices

Mounting a TV Over The Fireplace
Charlotte’s Premier Fireplace TV Mounting Service

TV mounting over a gas fireplace tips and best practices

Mounting a TV over a fireplace has become a popular trend in modern homes. It not only saves space but also enhances the aesthetics of the room. However, this installation requires careful consideration and proper execution to ensure both safety and optimal viewing experience. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the reasons for mounting a TV over a fireplace, important factors to consider, different types of TV mounts available, best practices for installation, step-by-step guide, safety precautions, common mistakes to avoid, tips for concealing wires, choosing the right TV size, and TV mounting options for stone fireplaces. Let’s dive in!

Why mount a TV over a fireplace?

Mounting a TV over a fireplace offers several benefits. Firstly, it saves valuable floor space, making the room appear more spacious and organized. Secondly, it provides an optimal viewing angle, especially in rooms with limited seating options. The elevated position ensures that everyone in the room can enjoy a clear view of the screen without straining their necks. Additionally, mounting a TV over a fireplace creates a focal point in the room, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall decor.

Can you install a TV above a Fireplace? (Fact or Fiction?)

Things to consider before mounting a TV over a fireplace

TV above fireplace yes or no? Before embarking on the TV mounting journey, there are a few important factors to consider. Firstly, ensure that the wall above the fireplace is structurally sound and capable of supporting the weight of the TV and the mount. Consult a professional if you have any doubts. Secondly, consider the height and distance between the fireplace and the seating area. Mounting the TV too high or too low can result in discomfort while viewing. It is recommended to position the TV at eye level when seated. Finally, consider the heat generated by the fireplace. You might ask can you mount a tv above a gas fireplace. Yes of course, gas fireplaces generally produce less heat compared to wood-burning ones, but it is still essential to choose a TV and mount that can withstand the heat and maintain proper ventilation. Many ask can you mount a tv above a wood-burning fireplace, keep flames low and minimize soot.

Types of TV mounts for over fireplace installation

There are various types of TV mounts available for over fireplace installation, each with its own unique features. The most common types include fixed mounts, tilt mounts, full-motion mounts, and pull-down mounts. Fixed mounts offer a sleek and low-profile look, but the TV remains stationary and cannot be adjusted for viewing angles. Tilt mounts allow vertical adjustment, enabling you to tilt the TV up or down to achieve the desired viewing angle. Full-motion mounts offer the most flexibility, allowing you to swivel, tilt, and extend the TV in different directions. Lastly, pull-down mounts are specifically designed for above fireplace installation, allowing you to lower the TV to a more comfortable viewing height when in use and retract it back when not in use. Consider your viewing preferences, room layout, and budget before choosing the most suitable TV mount for your setup.

can you mount a tv above a wood-burning fireplace
Professional Fireplace TV Mounting Service

Best practices for mounting a TV over a gas fireplace

Mounting a TV over a gas fireplace requires careful planning and execution to ensure a safe and visually pleasing installation. Here are some best practices to follow:

  1. Measure twice, mount once: Before drilling any holes or attaching the mount, carefully measure and mark the desired mounting height and position. Use a level to ensure accuracy and symmetry.
  2. Find the studs: Locate the wall studs behind the drywall using a stud finder. Mounting the TV directly into the studs provides the necessary strength and stability.
  3. Use a mounting template: Many TV mounts come with a mounting template that helps align the screw holes accurately. Utilize this template to ensure a precise installation.
  4. Secure the mount properly: Use the appropriate screws and anchors to secure the mount onto the wall studs. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific mount you are using.
  5. Double-check the safety locks: If your TV mount has safety locks or latches, make sure they are engaged properly to prevent accidental dislodging of the TV.
  6. Manage the cables: Route the cables neatly and consider using cable management solutions to conceal them for a clean and professional look. This not only improves the aesthetics but also reduces the risk of tripping hazards.

By following these best practices, you can ensure a successful TV mounting experience over your gas fireplace.

Step-by-step guide to mounting a TV over a fireplace

Now that you have a good understanding of the considerations and best practices, let’s take a step-by-step approach to mounting a TV over a fireplace:

  1. Gather the necessary tools: Before you begin, gather all the tools required for the installation, including a stud finder, level, measuring tape, drill, screwdriver, and the TV mount kit.
  2. Choose the right TV mount: Select a TV mount that suits your needs and preferences. Consider factors such as weight capacity, adjustability, and compatibility with your TV model.
  3. Measure and mark the mounting height: Use a measuring tape and level to determine the ideal mounting height. Mark the spot on the wall where the center of the TV will be positioned. Just don’t make the TV above fireplace too high,
  4. Locate the studs: Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs behind the drywall. Mark their positions to ensure a secure installation.
  5. Attach the mounting bracket: Attach the mounting bracket to the back of the TV according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure it is securely fastened.
  6. Mount the TV bracket: Position the TV bracket on the wall, aligning it with the marked spot. Drill pilot holes into the studs and attach the bracket using the provided screws and anchors.
  7. Mount the TV: With the help of a friend or family member, carefully lift the TV and hook it onto the bracket. Ensure that it is properly seated and secure.
  8. Adjust and level: Adjust the TV’s position and level it using the built-in adjustments on the mount. Use a level to ensure it is perfectly horizontal.
  9. Test and finalize: Connect the necessary cables and power on the TV to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Make any final adjustments as needed.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can successfully mount a TV over your gas fireplace and enjoy your favorite shows and movies in style.

Safety precautions when installing a TV over a fireplace

Ensuring safety during the installation process is of utmost importance. Here are some essential safety precautions to keep in mind:

  1. Turn off the gas fireplace: Before you begin the installation, make sure the gas fireplace is turned off and completely cooled down to prevent any accidents or injuries.
  2. Use proper lifting techniques: TVs can be heavy and fragile. When lifting and mounting the TV, use proper lifting techniques and seek assistance if needed to avoid strains or drops.
  3. Secure all cables and cords: Ensure that all cables and cords are securely fastened and not dangling loosely. This prevents them from getting caught or pulled accidentally.
  4. Avoid placing flammable items: Keep flammable items such as curtains, furniture, or decorations away from the heat generated by the fireplace. This reduces the risk of fire hazards.
  5. Regularly inspect the installation: Periodically check the stability and security of the TV mount to ensure it remains in place. Tighten any loose screws or connections as necessary.

By adhering to these safety precautions, you can minimize the risk of accidents and enjoy a safe TV mounting experience.

Common mistakes to avoid when mounting a TV over a fireplace

While mounting a TV over a fireplace, it is crucial to avoid common mistakes that can lead to unsatisfactory results or potential hazards. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  1. Mounting the TV too high: Mounting the TV too high above the fireplace can strain the neck and result in an uncomfortable viewing experience. Ensure the TV is positioned at eye level when seated.
  2. Neglecting the heat factor: Learn how to protect tv from fireplace heat, Fireplaces generate heat, and this can affect the TV’s performance and lifespan. Choose a TV and mount that are heat-resistant and provide proper ventilation.
  3. Using incorrect mounting hardware: Always use the recommended screws, anchors, and mounting hardware provided by the manufacturer. Using incorrect or incompatible hardware can compromise the stability and safety of the installation.
  4. Ignoring cable management: Leaving cables and cords exposed can create a messy and unprofessional appearance. Invest in cable management solutions to keep the wires organized and hidden.
  5. Skipping the stud finder: Mounting the TV without locating the wall studs can result in an unstable installation. Always use a stud finder to ensure secure mounting.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can achieve a visually appealing and safe TV mounting setup over your gas fireplace.

Tips for concealing wires and cables

One of the challenges of TV mounting over a fireplace is concealing the wires and cables for a clean and clutter-free look. Here are some tips to help you with wire management:

  1. Use in-wall cable management: Install an in-wall cable management kit that allows you to route the cables inside the wall, keeping them hidden from view. This provides a seamless and polished appearance.
  2. Utilize cable raceways: Cable raceways are adhesive channels that can be attached to the wall surface, guiding the wires in a neat and organized manner. They are especially useful if you cannot route the cables inside the wall.
  3. Hide cables behind furniture or molding: If possible, position furniture or decorative molding strategically to hide the cables. This can be a simple and cost-effective way to conceal the wires.
  4. Opt for wireless solutions: Consider using wireless HDMI transmitters and receivers to eliminate the need for long cables running between the TV and the other devices. This reduces cable clutter significantly.
  5. Consult a professional: If you are unsure about handling the cable management yourself, consider consulting a professional installer who can ensure a seamless and professional-looking setup.

By implementing these wire management tips, you can achieve a clean and aesthetically pleasing TV mounting installation over your gas fireplace.

Choosing the right TV size for over fireplace installation

Selecting the right TV size is crucial for an optimal viewing experience when mounting over a fireplace. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Room size: Assess the size of the room and the seating distance from the TV. The TV should be large enough to be easily viewed from the seating area, but not so large that it overwhelms the room.
  2. Viewing angle: Consider the angle at which the TV will be viewed from different seating positions. A larger TV may be necessary if there are wide seating arrangements or if the viewing angle is not straight-on.
  3. Resolution: Higher resolution TVs, such as 4K or 8K, provide sharper and more detailed images. If you have a larger TV, opting for a higher resolution will enhance the viewing experience.
  4. Budget: Determine your budget and choose a TV size that fits within that range. Remember to consider the cost of the TV mount and any additional accessories or components.
  5. Personal preference: Ultimately, choose a TV size that aligns with your personal preferences and viewing habits. Consider factors such as the type of content you watch and the overall aesthetics of the room.

By considering these factors, you can select the right TV size that complements your fireplace and enhances your viewing pleasure.

TV mounting options for stone fireplaces

Mounting a TV on a stone fireplace requires special consideration due to the unique characteristics of the material. Here are some TV mounting options specifically designed for stone fireplaces:

  1. Masonry anchors: Use masonry anchors designed for stone or concrete walls to securely attach the TV mount. These anchors provide the necessary strength and stability.
  2. Drill carefully: When drilling into stone, use a masonry drill bit and proceed slowly to avoid damaging the stone. It is recommended to consult a professional if you are unsure about drilling into the stone.
  3. Adjustable mounts: Opt for TV mounts that offer adjustability in terms of tilt and swivel. This allows you to achieve the desired viewing angle even on uneven stone surfaces.
  4. Wire concealment: Concealing wires on stone surfaces can be challenging. Consider using adhesive-backed wire clips or channels specifically designed for stone to help route and hide the cables.
  5. Consult a professional: Stone fireplaces require specialized installation techniques. If you are not confident in handling the installation yourself, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional installer.

By following these TV mounting options for stone fireplaces, you can safely and effectively mount your TV on this unique surface.

Best TV mounts for above fireplace installation

When it comes to choosing the best TV mount for above fireplace installation, there are several options available. Here are some top recommendations:

  1. Pull-down TV mounts: Pull-down TV mounts are specifically designed for above fireplace installations. They allow you to lower the TV to a more comfortable viewing height when in use and retract it back when not in use. This provides flexibility and convenience.
  2. Tilt mounts: Tilt mounts are a popular choice as they allow vertical adjustment, enabling you to tilt the TV up or down to achieve the desired viewing angle. They are relatively easy to install and provide a range of viewing options.
  3. Full-motion mounts: Full-motion mounts offer the most versatility, allowing you to swivel, tilt, and extend the TV in different directions. This provides the flexibility to adjust the TV to the perfect viewing angle from any position in the room.
  4. Fixed mounts: Fixed mounts offer a sleek and low-profile look, keeping the TV close to the wall. While they don’t provide the adjustability of other mounts, they are ideal if you prefer a clean and minimalist appearance.
  5. Ceiling mounts: In some cases, ceiling mounts may be a suitable option for above fireplace installation. These mounts attach to the ceiling and allow you to position the TV at the desired height and angle.

Consider your specific needs, room layout, and budget when selecting the best TV mount for above fireplace installation. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and seek recommendations from professionals or trusted sources.

Conclusion: Enjoying your TV mount over a gas fireplace

Mounting a TV over a gas fireplace can transform your living space into a cozy and visually appealing entertainment area. By following the tips and best practices outlined in this guide, you can ensure a safe and successful installation. Remember to consider factors such as TV size, mount type, wire management, and safety precautions. With the right tools, knowledge, and attention to detail, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in style and comfort. If you need assistance with TV mounting, don’t hesitate to request a free estimate using our convenient TV Mounting Estimate